Standing up for what you believe is right

If you fell down yesterday, stand up today

Countries, societies and people change. But what one can always find is people who stand up for themselves. But why should one stand up for their beliefs? In this essay, it will be discussed why you should stand up for what you believe is right.

Firstly, it is liberating your right to freedom of speech. Throughout history people have tried to express what they believe, some have succeeded, some have not. One example of people doing this is the protests against the North-Dakota Pipeline. This pipeline was supposed to stretch through Dakota and transport oil and gas. It has been protested against for over a year now by Native Americans from all over North America. The reasons for this is that the pipeline would ruin multiple water sources and areas that are used for crops. In addition, the pipeline would go straight through their sacred burial grounds. These protests have been going on for a little over two years. Thus, making the North-Dakota Pipeline an international matter as many people in different countries are supporting the activists. However, after two years not much change has been made. the activists are being attacked and they are not succeeding in stopping it. They have, fortunately, managed to slow down the process. the main reason as for how they have managed this is because they have spoken up and risen against the manufacturer of the pipeline. By using their freedom of speech they have managed to engage more people in the matter and are hopeful for the future.

Secondly, sometimes standing up for what you believe is the morally right thing to do. What is right and wrong is a question that can be answered in many different ways depending on the norms and rules that apply to it. At times the answer is easy, for instance, that it is wrong to kill someone innocent. On other occasions, the answer is harder to find and you simply have to choose. A few years ago a man named Edward Snowden was faced with this choice. he worked for the United States government when he got news of a new program that would be released. This program with the name of PRISM was supposed to spy on the American citizens through their phones. Snowden decided to warn the public about this risking his life because he believed it was the right thing to do. Today the USA view Snowden as a traitor, and he is forced to live in exile in Russia. However, it was was Edward Snowden thought was right and therefore he does not regret standing up for what he believes in.

Lastly, you might inspire more people to stand up for themselves. A few years ago platinum miners in South Africa went on a strike protesting the low pay. This lead to different consequences. The most important one was that after five long months of protesting, many had been killed or injured in police riots. In addition, it was decided that they would be paid more money for the work they did. consequently, raising the living conditions. It was a very important strike that showed how protests can change how a group of people live to the better. Because of this strike and how it turned out some people might be inspired to protest or stand up for their beliefs in another way.

In the whole world, there are some people who stand up for what they believe in. But we do not always know why they do it. after looking at potential reasons a conclusion has been drawn that people stand up for what they believe in because it is the right thing to do because it is expressing the freedom of speech and because speaking up for themselves is inspiring for other people. For some reason our society wants us to not speak up. This is why we have to do it.

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