A Letter to Mr DiCaprio

Dear Mr DiCaprio

Today we watched your documentary called “Before the Flood”. I am writing to you to tell you how much this documentary inspired me to make more conscious decisions in my everyday life when it comes to saving the environment. However, I am aware that one teenager’s actions are not enough, especially with everything that is going in the United States today. I was very hopeful when the Paris Agreement was signed, but now that the current president of the USA has withdrawn from the agreement I am more pessimistic. What is going on in the US at the moment is very worrisome and I fear that there may come many negative consequences of what is happening.

I am a teenager from Norway and we are currently working on writing appeals in Norwegian and I chose to speak/write about climate change. What I found was truly shocking and horrifying. We are constantly told about what is going on the worød with the natural gasses we realise but I do not think enough people understand the severity. This is one of the reasons why I enjoyed “before the flood” so much; because you consistently showed what is actually happening to our planet.

I was surprised by how many people still don’t believe in climate change and I believe the first action we have to take must be to convince the political leaders of the different countries to take action because climate change is real and it is ruining our planet. I do, of course, realise that this will be hard and that a small girl from Norway cannot do that which is why I am writing to ask you this question: What can the youth in the whole world do to help the environment in order to work towards slowing climate change?

Regards, Solveig, a student from Norway


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