“Spare Parts” and Teamwork

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow” – Edward Teller

Reality vs. Movie

We have now watched the movie “Spare Parts” in English class and I really enjoyed it. The movie is about four undocumented Latino kids who enter a robotics competition and win. The movie is based on a true story and a list exists to show the differences between what happened in the waking world and what happened in the movie. This list had many interesting points and what surprised me the most was probably that there were two teachers, Fredi Lajvardi and Allan Cameron instead of one teacher named Fredi Cameron. In addition, these two teachers were not substitutes like Fredi Cameron was in the movie. Another part of the reality that was different from the movie that surprised me was that in the movie Lorenzo Santillan is portrayed as a smart-alec that doesn’t know anything about robotics. However, this is not true as Santillan was also a dedicated, intuitive and talented mechanic who actually was the brain be behind some parts of the robot that made it work.

Difference Between the Schools

The four boys came from Carl Hayden Community High School, which already tells us that they did not have access to a lot of money. This affects them quite a lot throughout the movie and we can see them clearly struggle with the issue of having enough money for the robot. This is the reason why they used materials that cost less than what probably would have been more ideal. The team from Carl Hayed managed to win using cheaper and more destructive materials that what schools like MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). When MIT had a budget on at least twenty times as much as Carl Hayden that clearly shows how much difference there was between the resources the school had access to. A problem that our four students encountered since they used more destructive and cheap materials, was that parts of the robot didn’t work because what they used got destroyed. Therefore, they had to redo parts of the innovation that other schools with other materials did not have to because they had materials that withheld water, pressure and other problematics.

Are Robots the Future?

Robots can be helpful and useful in many different ways, one of the most efficient ways to use robots is to use them in places where either a human can’t access or where it could possibly be dangerous to send people. They can, for example, be used to dig people out of buildings after natural disasters such as earthquakes. Robots often have better equipment and can withstand more making it so that no one gets hurt in the process of rescuing others. Robots can also be helpful at hospitals where they might be able to ‘judge’ a patient and out of collected information decide on a treatment plan.

two woman and one man looking at the laptop

Working Together as a Team

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. Everywhere today you find jobs that in order to do, you need to have good teamwork. We have all been in that group where someone takes the lead and the others are just commanded around. Maybe you’ve been one of the people who’ve been left with all the work because no one else would bother. Teamwork is everywhere and it is a vital part of our lives. However, why is teamwork so important?

Firstly, it unifies a workspace. Every workspace has many different people with many different talents. If the workers are forced to use teamwork they will create an atmosphere that nourishes loyalty and friendship. When everyone has different talents, ways of thinking and strengths that encourage them to work together to achieve what they want. Consequently, the work area will be more effective and the job will be better and quicker completed. This is one of the most important reasons why teamwork is so important.

Secondly, teamwork is a great way for people to learn. At school, work or training you often work as a team and this is an effective way to learn. When you or someone who you work with fail doing a task the others will try and help and you will learn how to do it correctly. On the other hand, if you make a mistake by, for instance, calculating some numbers wrong, the others will learn from that and will not make the same mistake. Therefore, teamwork is a learning mechanism that works all ways. both for you and for the people you work with.

Lastly, work is done way for efficient if it is completed using teamwork. Picture this: you are given a project to complete and have a week to do it. it is a long project and you do not have the time at all to complete it. What would you wish for then? Probably, for someone to help you. Statistics show that if more than one individual person completes a task together efficiency is raised to a way faster pace. In fact, 80% of businesses use teamwork or “social collaboration tools” in order to achieve more efficiency. When employees work together they help each other complete the task and the finished product will probably be finished both earlier and it will most likely have a better result than if only one individual person completed it.

To conclude, I find that there are many positives with working together as a team and perhaps the most vital reason is that it unifies and completes a workspace. The other reasons are also very important. However, any work will be harder to complete or even attempt if the people who work together don not actually feel like they can trust or work with each other. These are some of the reasons why teamwork is as vital as it is.




Immigration Issues

Nowadays, the immigration policy is a very present issue in our lives. To understand why immigration is so important to our everyday lives we need to know why people immigrate. These reasons are often complex and based on a social background. For instance, an individual person from a welfare state is less likely to emigrate from their country than a person from a non-welfare state. Some are forced to move due to conflict or in order to escape prejudice and/or persecution. There are not only negative reasons as for why a person immigrated; Some simply immigrate because they wish to. But why do emigration and immigration cause issues?

The countries that people immigrate to is often an MEDC, meaning that they have come farther in their industrialization, for example, Norway, the UK or the USA. This may lead to many benefits for this country. an example of this is that there are many jobs in a country that citizens might not wish or are able to do. This provides immigrants with work so both parties benefit. However, there are negative drawbacks of this. The immigrants might be exploited for their cheap labor work. This will lead to many negatives, for instance, that they face racism. Which may lead immigration into becoming a social issue.





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